Git pane missing/ preexisting git repos not recognized

Context: When I worked in previous RStudio versions in Rprojects that were also git repos, the git tab appeared automatically.

I recently updated RStudio to v 1.2.1335 and the git pane is no longer appearing. Also, there is no VCS option in the git/svn part of the project options menu. I still can use the terminal with no problem (so git is working) but I liked the pane, does anyone know what changed or what I can do?
I would like to avoid cloning from scratch into new rprojects.

In the RStudio Option, can you check if Git exe is found ?
If not in your PATH, you may need to specificy the path to git folder inside the Global option.
However, if terminal found it, it may not be that.... :thinking:

I have a path from the previous installation /usr/bin/git (I am on a macbookpro with OSX 10.14.4 Mojave) but when I try to create a new clean project from git I get the error message:
"Git was not detected on the system path". So it must it.

I installed the newest version of git for mac and am trying to find a different path that works. Git from the terminal is still running fine. I will reinstall everything for now. Thanks for the reply.

So, I solved this by pointing to /usr/local/bin/git (which is an alias that points to the original file in the original path :woman_shrugging:). Now RStudio is showing again the git tab automatically when I open a git repo.
This is working in RStudio 1.2.1335 and the preview version, 1.2.1511.

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