Git Bash not a shell option in RStudio IDE

I am a windows user trying to use the Terminal feature in the RStudio IDE (desktop version). I'm trying to use Git Bash as my default terminal shell, however, this isn't an option:


Git Bash is installed on my computer - I use it everyday on its own, outside of RStudio.

I recently switched computers (windows 10), and on my old one (which was windows 7) this feature worked great - I could use Git Bash in the RStudio IDE terminal windows.

Any ideas how to make RStudio allow me to use Git Bash? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Do you have git bash in the PATH ?

I think it needs to be there for RStudio IDE to find it. I have it in PATH and I can use git bash

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In addition, RStudio will normally only be able to detect Git if it's on the PATH, or installed into one of the default locations (e.g. C:/Program Files/Git).


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