ghit package not available for R version 3.6.1

I know installing an older version of R will fix the issue, but downgrading is not a good option.

Anything available for the 3.6.1 R version that does the same job of ghit, or at least the job of tabulizer / extract_tables?

Thank you!

Hi @mostlyfad! Welcome!

If you’re thinking of the ghit package that was a lightweight alternative to the GitHub installation features of devtools, then it’s been deprecated now that devtools has split that functionality out into remotes. So you could use remotes.

But I’m a bit confused, because I don’t see how ghit has anything to do with tabulizer, so is it possible you’re thinking of a different package? If not, maybe you could explain a bit more about the installation problems you’re having?

(tabulizer is currently on CRAN and should be installable as usual —granted, it does require the sometimes sticky rJava/Java dependency, but there’s advice about getting that working in the package docs).

Thank you for your answer @jcblum!

I was told to install ghit package to be able to have tabulizer library for working with tables in PDF files, and I am getting an issue finding ghit pachage in R 3.6.1, thus not being able to have tabulizer library. Tabulizer library exists now in another package you are saying? Would you please tell which one, or what alternative is there?

Moreover, I will try the link you sent to see if it works.

Hmm, maybe the instructions you were working from dated from a time in the past when tabulizer wasn’t yet on CRAN (so needed to be installed from GitHub) and ghit hadn’t yet been deprecated?

Great, I think that’s your best bet for getting up and running with tabulizer :grinning:

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