ggvis on Fedora 32 with rstudio-server does not put data on a plot

I think that I've narrowed this issue down to a sane minimal example, but I'm sure that I could improve on it. It may well be that what I'm doing is not yet intended to work.

The simple example

install.packages ("ggvis")
library (ggvis)

mtcars %>% ggvis(~mpg, ~disp, fill = ~vs) %>% layer_points()

Produces this plot:

I get the same effect whether I use the redhat packaged rstudio-server, or the Centos 8 install described on the RStudio website (RStudio Server - Posit), rstudio-server-rhel-1.3.1056-x86_64.rpm

My simplest build is a vagrant box and a chrome browser. I'm installing:
R-shiny-, R-Rcpp-devel-

My guess is that the installation of ggvis is breaking somewhere, but the installation appears clean.
Any pointers as to where I could be going wrong and/or who I need to point out the failure to?


Actually, I get the same non-appearance when using RStudio on a vanilla fedora 28 vm with the RStudio download file (, and using vnc (I don't have any linux computers with screens).

Surely this must be something specific in my setup, but I cannot spot what, nor do I know where to look.

It works as expected with RStudio v ‘1.0.136’ on my mac.

Identified that the issue is a difference between dplyr 0.8.5 and 1.0.1. Submitted an issue on github:

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