ggtree facet_plot not reacting the same way as standard ggplot2

Dear All,
I finished a plot with ggtree and facet_plot, now i would like to format legends size font and increase fontsize for the axes and all the rest ....
The issue I am having is that with ggtree the usual commands do not seem to work at the right place, the logic seems to be somewhat different.
Is someone here with more experience in ggtree that can help ?

For starters when i show the legend , the legend squares are filled with the normal ggplot palette whereas the sides show the viridis palette,

I would also like to add a bold group label in between the plots


gg = ggtree(tree2,  branch.length='none') + 
  geom_tippoint(aes(colour=famName)) +
  theme_tree2() +
  theme(legend.position = "left")

for (facet in facets){
  gg = facet_plot(gg , panel = facet$name, 
                  data = tibble(facet$df)  , geom = ggstance::geom_colh, 
                  mapping = aes(x = Score, colour = famName, fill = famName), width = .6)  + 
    xlim_expand(c(0,4), facet$name) 

Screenshot from 2020-05-13 12-18-08-1

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