ggsurvplot limiting x axis

Dear all,

I have been trying for a while now, but I cant figure this out.
I have created a ggsurvplot with

sfit <- survfit(Surv(survalltime, event_crc)~ajcc, data=pheno)

I then wanted to change the x-axis from days to years, which also worked with

ggsurvplot(sfit,xscale = "d_y")

However, I cant seem to figure out how I can limit it now to 5 years instead of currently 20 years in the x-axis.

I tried this:

ggsurvplot(sfit,xscale = "d_y",xlim=c(0,5))

But it doesnt work. Has anyone an idea?

Thanks so much!

Hi @Bine
You need to limit the x-axis on the old day scale, not the new year scale (the new scale is really only providing labels).
So, 5 years * 365 days = 1825.

ggsurvplot(sfit,xscale = "d_y",xlim=c(0,1825))

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