ggplot2 won't plot

I've been running an R script for the last three months to graph the historical prices of whisky in my database. It takes the whisky name, auction date and price, plots the dots and a loess curve. The data is contained in chatGPT(The file not the programme) which I update monthly. This month I added new data into chatGPT, imported it into RStudio and ran the script. The script showed no errors in the consol but did not create the updated graphs.
I didn't amend the script, only the data frame. Can anyone point me to where the problem is?
Here is the script copied from the consol.

  • Load the required libraries

  • library(ggplot2)
  • library(tidyverse)
  • library(grDevices)
  • Set the output directory for the graphs

  • output_dir <- "C:\Users\alana\OneDrive\Documents\R\Rgraphs\loess\"
  • Split the data into a list of data frames, one for each whisky

  • whiskies <- split(chatGPT, chatGPT$name)
  • Iterate over the list of data frames

  • for (whisky in whiskies) {
  • Extract the name of the current whisky

  • name <- whisky$name[1]
  • Create a valid file name from the whisky name

  • file_name <- make.names(name, unique = TRUE)
  • Create a line of best fit using the lm function

  • fit <- lm(price ~ date, data = whisky)
  • Create a ggplot object with the data and the line of best fit

  • plot <- ggplot(whisky, aes(x = date, y = price)) +
  • geom_point() +
  • geom_smooth(se = FALSE) +
  • labs(title = name)
  • Save the plot to a PDF file

  • pdf(file = paste0(output_dir, file_name, ".pdf"))
  • print(plot)
  • }

Does this work for you. It should store the PDF in your working directory.

plot <- ggplot(mtcars, aes(cyl, mpg)) + geom_point()
pdf(file = "ggplotTest.pdf")

Apologies, there was nothing wrong with the script. I had forgotten to change some column names before importing the excel file into R. Thanks FJCC.

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