ggplot2/ usmapp maps with pattern fill, trying geom_polygon_pattern (updated post!)

Hey there,

I am trying to create a map with two county-level variables and state-level boundaries, something like this:

Here is an example of the code I am working on current code, it depicts county US population (continuous, purple/green gradient) and counties w/ + 1 million population (white and black stripes):


county_pop_info <- usmap::countypop  %>% 
  mutate(pop_2015_millions = pop_2015/100000,
         pop_2015_over_million = ifelse(pop_2015_millions > 1, ">= 1 million", "< 1 million")) 

#County population size 
usmap::plot_usmap(regions = "counties", 
                  data = county_pop_info, 
                  values = "pop_2015_millions",
                  linewidth = 0) + 
  scale_fill_continuous(type = "viridis", 
                        name = "Population") +
  theme(legend.position = "right") + 
  #Counties that are over 1 million
    data = usmapdata::us_map(regions = "counties") %>%
      dplyr::right_join(county_pop_info, by = "fips") %>%
      dplyr::filter(pop_2015_over_million == ">= 1 million"),
    aes(x, y, group = group), 
    color = NA,
    linewidth = 0.2,
    fill            = 'white', 
    pattern_spacing = 0.15, 
    pattern_density = 0.4, 
    pattern_fill    = 'black') +
  #Plot state level borders: How to
  geom_polygon(data = usmapdata::us_map(regions = "states"),
               aes(x, y, group = group), fill = NA, linewidth = 0.5, color = "red")

My issue is that I want the stripes for counties with +1 million population to each be striped (versus stripes across all counties).

An earlier post serves as a great example of this issue, but I wasn't able able to do so with geom_map_pattern: ggplot2 pattern fill polygons by variable

See the FAQ: How to do a minimal reproducible example reprex for beginners. Code examples should permit reproducing the issue by simply cutting and pasting. The nzmap in the code provided produces the error

> nzmap
Error in `get_poly_lengths()`:
! There is a MULTIPOLYGON with length greater than 1

Thanks for your reply, I did not get the error you mentioned when I re-ran the code.

What do you get when you enter


Hey there!

It looks like this:

        long       lat group order        region subregion
1   172.7433 -34.44215     1     1 North.Island       <NA>
2   172.7983 -34.45562     1     2 North.Island       <NA>
3   172.8528 -34.44846     1     3 North.Island       <NA>
4   172.8986 -34.41786     1     4 North.Island       <NA>
5   172.9593 -34.42503     1     5 North.Island       <NA>


Odd. I’ll try on a couple of other setups. It would be helpful, though, to see this as a full representation, rather than just a snippet and an image. I suspect a missing package. reprex guarantees a fresh environment with only the code shown

Yeah, that was something odd with my Ubuntu installation. I'll check further. Do you have any objection to using {sf} so we can make polygons out of the region variable?

This is what I get from the code in my post:

Hey there! Updated my post w/ additional information and code!

No objection to using {sf}. What I am trying to do is combine two county-level maps w/ state-level indicators, so I was trying to keep using polygons (able add on to maps from usmaps)

I'm still confused. You're looking to do something like below in color? What variab le distinguishes counties?


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