ggplot2 - install Problem

Hello, I have some problems with ggplot2 package installation, I had tried installing package rlang and update Rstudio, but any of those solutions works for me. Somebody can another solution for this issue. help, I`m begginer level amateur, Thanks

Try installing/reinstalling the colorspace package and restarting your R session


not happened

that means :
The software cannot be installed because it is currently unavailable on the software updates server.

You can choose to answer "no" when asked if you want to install from source, or you could try the solution outlined on this related topic

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thank you
thank you
a thousand thanks :hugs:
it's worked out
i did it

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OK. with pleasure
what I have done:
I got in touch with Appel's Develop website
there I downloaded the new Xcod 12.2 and installed it and then I did install.packages ("colorspace") again in the R-Studio.
so everything worked out.
again, thanks a lot for your help.

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