ggplot2 figure advice for a project printed in greyscale

Hi Community,

I am working on a book chapter that will be printed in greyscale. The project will contain many (10+) figures, including regression plots with points, bar plots, and probability distributions, all with data that need to be differentiated on multiple discrete levels (where I would generally use color). I am not used to generating greyscale figures. Does anyone have any advice or know of good resources/tools/packages for a project like this? I have played around with scale_color_grey() of course but it is an unsatisfactory alternative to a nice color palette, and the continuous shades are not easy to differentiate above 3 levels.


I might be wrong, but I don't think you can realistically have more than 3-4 levels of grey easily distinguishable. Have you considered using shape (for points) and linetype (for lines)? Something that might help for areas is the {ggpattern} package.

Also, consider using more faceting (and grouping for barplots): if the types of data are separated you don't need to distinguish them.


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