ggplot2 Cheatsheet: References

Hello everyone,

For my master thesis I am trying to analyze multiplicity in visualizations in publications.

The ggplot2 cheatsheet (cheatsheets/data-visualization.pdf at main · rstudio/cheatsheets · GitHub) provides a preselection for certain variables, for example:
A continuous variable:

  • geom_area( . )
  • geom_density( . )
  • geom_dotplot( . )

Thus my question:
On what basis was the pre-selection of the visualization obtained?
Why were these specific visualizations obtained predefined for the corresponding variables?

Unfortunately, I could not find any explanation or references for this either on the github page (GitHub - tidyverse/ggplot2: An implementation of the Grammar of Graphics in R) or in the book (Welcome | ggplot2).

Thanks a lot in advance!


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