Ggplot2 bookdown possibility

There is quite an interesting discussion on the categorization of ggplot2 extensions on linkedin

I was aware that there were 70+ on CRAN but apparantly there are more than 125 in all: somewhat overwhelming
There is talk in the above thread about more examples and code for them.

It just seemed to me that this would be an ideal candidate for bookdown: with an introductory section on the base package and then examples of all extensions grouped into pertinent chapters. It could be updated continually as updates and new extensions are produced

I'm guessing that would need to be a collaborative effort. Or maybe there is already one under development?

Is there any way to see it while not a member of the group? (Approval pending...)

There's also the ggplot2 extensions page

Not averse to a bookdown, just mentioning! :blush:

Is there any way to see it while not a member of the group?

Probably not. The gallery and that link of yours were covered. The author was also making a subtlish(?) pitch for a book he has just published. He did provide a link to all the packages he has come across

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