Ggplot geom_line

Hi all,
This is as simple as it gets. I want to graph the 5 observations of my dataset called test1. Test1 consists only of dates (integer, according to typeof(), though it displays as yyyy-mm-dd), along with price (integer). I just want a line connecting the prices, with dates on the x-axis, prices on the y-axis. Here's the dataset:
50 2015-01-19 225.51
51 2015-01-20 218
52 2015-01-21 225.51
53 2015-01-22 226.32
54 2015-01-23 235
55 2015-01-24 240

Here's what I'm using now, but in the past hour I've tried ggplot, qplot, autoplot, with and without geom_line, geom_path, plus tons of changes on the parameters.

ggplot(test1, aes(x=DT, y=PRICE)) +

I get the message:
geom_path: Each group consists of only one observation. Do you need to adjust the
group aesthetic?

Thanks in advance!

Of course...I got it 2 minutes after I posted.

ggplot(data=test1, aes(x=DT, y=PRICE, group=1)) +