Ggplot extension for bunched up bubble plot

Hoping to pick everyone's brains! I'm wondering if anyone has created a ggplot extension for a bubble chart where the bubbles/points are clustered together. I've seen this style of plot done frequently in D3 but never in ggplot:

I'm not looking for the interactive elements here, just an extension that can position points together. If it can be done with points, I could potentially implement the positioning with ggflags too (which would be the ultimate goal here—although if it's too hard, I'd probably just do it in D3).


If you are looking for something like the crandash example in the Shiny Gallery, the code is on GitHub.

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Oooh, yes! I'll have a look at it.

I should note that what I really need is a plotting solution—it doesn't necessarily have to be a ggplot extension. Something like an htmlwidget that goes straight from data to D3 could also work.

Sorry @veegpap, could you please point me to where the code for it is on Github? I'm having trouble finding the repo associated with it. Never mind, found it!


The code for the app is here !!

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