ggplot and/or geom_point (or geom_col, you name it...) Problems with the output!!

re: Posit Cloud

No error message, and the code gives an output in the lower right panel - but the output is not right. The output in the geom_point syntax is just seven horizontal bars across the whole width of the page, even when exported and saved as a PDF. Now, using the geom_col syntax, it's even worse, showing all three of my labels but blurring all the data into one small space at the bottom of what should have been a column chart.

This is just 2 columns out of 8 columns and 3,600,000 rows (6 spreadsheets using the bind_rows() function. Similar results when it was just 2 spreadsheets or about 1,100,000 rows.

Could this be a problem with the Excel spreadsheets themselves? Saved in csv. But the columns are scrunched together when viewed, but that shouldn't matter since the data is all there when un-scrunched, right?

Here is the domain: Posit Cloud

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