ggpairs: changing default colors

I'm using ggpairs and I need to change the default color schema. Suppose I want to specify that Setosa is blue, Versicolor is green and Virginica is red. Ho can I tell ggpairs that? The entire plot (upper, lower and diag) may reflect this choice. Look at the picture and code below, please. I tried many solutions without success.

ggpairs(iris, mapping = aes(color = Species))

Hi @Kirk,
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Changing the ggpairs colour scheme is not easy. Code that you might think looks reasonable, doesn't work:

my_colors <- c("setosa" = "blue", "versicolor" = "green", "virginica" = "red")
ggpairs(iris, aes(color = Species)) +
  scale_fill_manual(values = my_colors)

There is a messy work-around if you are really keen (caveat emptor):


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