gf_point - Color according to groups

Hello R Community!

I am currently writing my bachelors thesis and I have a question regarding the gf_point function. My study is about sales success in investment consulting and I conducted an experiment with four groups of advisors. In the exploratory data analysis I therefore try to plot a graph about the interplay between amount of investment and the customers┬┤ wealth. The plot looks fine, but I would like to color the points according to the advisor groups. For example, the points of group one should be blue, group 2 green, ...

My formula for the attached plot is:

gf_point(investment ~ wealth, data = record) %>%
        gf_lm(investment ~ wealth, data = record)

Could you tell me how I can color the points according to the groups? The variable is named "heuristic". Many thanks in advance!

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