Geyser App Not Running in RStudio 2022.12.0 Build 353 Shiny v1.7.4

I recently updated RStudio and R to the current versions, and updated my packages as well.
RStudio: 2022.12.0 Build 353
Shiny: v1.7.4
R: 4.22 (2022-10-31 ucrt)
OS: Windows 10 64 bit
No proxy server

My very long app now sometimes loads in RStudio and sometimes doesn't, so I went back to the demo Geyser app to troubleshoot. Even that doesn't load. Once one app fails to load, all other apps fail to load.

When I Inspect Element, I can see . Within that after #document there are html, head and body tags open end closed, but these are empty. At the very end and close out the elements.

RStudio is Listening on at this moment.

Then end result is the mini-browser is just grey.

If I restart RStudio sometimes it runs apps, but soon will have the same problem again and no apps will run in the mini-browser. If I open a non-functioning app in browser, or open it directly in RGui, everything is fine so this seems to be an RStudio problem.

Any ideas?

my initial guess. is that rather than doing a test of a shiny app, from within its own R project; you may be in your default R home folder or some such and attempting to launch a test script of a shiny app, and R is getting confused about what scripts/files are relevant to what you are trying to do. To exclude this possibility can you confirm that you cant run old faithful when you attempt to do so by making a new project in a new folder ?

Yes, I can confirm that for both the big app and geyser they are in their own folder.

What is weird is that if I "Open in Browser" they work perfectly fine even while the mini-browser is blank.

Hmm, I don't know if it was doing this before, but now once I Stop after closing the mini-browser it does throw an error to the console that says:

Listening on
Warning message:
In readRDS(path) : error reading from connection

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