Getting to Know Each Other

Last week I posted a topic about job titles and descriptions, and it was great getting to hear about all of the different uses which R is being used for.

This topic got me curious about what types of hobbies & interests everyone has. I know it's not technically a question about R, RStudio, etc. but I thought it would be cool to get broader sense of the community of users.

For myself, I love cooking & baking, reading, & video games. To expand on that, my favorite things to bake are all breads. I read just about anything but my favorite genre is fantasy, with my favorite book being Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. As to video games, my favorite genres are RPGs or RTSs, with my favorites being Skyrim & Age of Empires 2.

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I like community questions like this!

I'm a college senior who spent the past four years studying Finance and Economics but after landing a Finance internship with a big firm I am unsure if I want to pursue Finance in the long run. My love for Computer Science hatched from a simple curiosity to build a website which took me down a rabbit hole that eventually turned into a love for Mathematics (which I absolutely dreaded in my younger years.)

Now I spend most of my time trying to absorb as much as I can about Statistics and the beautiful language of R. I also really enjoy cooking, playing music with friends, and riding motorcycles.


Taras here.
I am Ukrainian & soon to be Ukrainian American. Lived in the States for a bit over 5 years now: Jacksonville, FL to Seattle, WA, and back to Jacksonville, FL (and who knows where else in the future).

Sadly, I am a college dropout (hope you don't judge. I've been attending one of the best Economics universities in Ukraine with great grades, until life happened), which doesn't help in my DS career at all. I'm working on closing this gap now.

At my regular work, I manage a small team and am in charge of Business Intelligence and CRM.

Aside from work, I spend time with my wife and my son, reading books, listening to music, learning French, attempting to roadtrip and travel when budget permits (next trip - to NYC next week!!! Woo-hoo!!!). Want to get more into camping and hiking.

Love craft beer. Love cycling. Learning to skateboard.

Used to do photography, but not anymore.
Used to play guitar and bass (in 2 hardcore bands), but haven't played an instrument in 5 years. Life, you know. It's hard. Trying to make it out here :slight_smile:

Living a simple, minimalist life.

Find me on LinkedIn and find me on Twitter

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