Getting the name of the class being used in a S3 method call

Is there a way to get the actual class name being used when calling a S3 method?

For example, is there a way to have always print Call method for class: bar independently of the order (and without knowing other class names) of the classes defined in structure()?

foo <- function(x) {
} <- function(x) {
  cat("Call method for class:", class(x)[[2]])

x <- structure("x", class = c("baz", "bar", "character"))

perhaps your example abstracts away more than you intend; but my first instinct is to say, can know that it is itself, so why interrogate x ? <- function(x) {
  cat("Call method for class is, because thats the function
  this comment was written in")
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A more concrete example (and closer to what I'm trying to achieve) could be to create a str method from a template body that I can reuse:


str_body <- function(x, cls) {
  cat(sprintf(" %s <%s elements>\n", cls, length(x)))
} <- function(x, ...) {
  str_body(x, function_that_returns_current_class(x))
} <- function(object, ...) {
  obj_str(object, ...)

list(y = 1:3, z = foo(x)) |> str()

In my case, I've an object that gets new classes in the building process. This is not something I usually do but it makes sense in my case I guess. I can easily get around my issue by changing my design a bit or by appending (instead of prepending) the new classes so that the first class of my object is the one I want to display.

The initial question is motivated by curiosity.

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