Getting started with RShiny and Excel

I new to Rstudio. I want to develop a tool based on Shiny linked to Excel. Where I can input data from Shiny and does the all calculations in Excel. Would you please recommend some materials for me to follow up in this matter.
Also, I have installed the shiny package, but I am unable to install the excel package. Some error messages are popping-up while installing,
Thank you in advance!

There is no excel package for R, could you better explain what are you trying to install and how?

Also, since R is a programming language, trying to perform the underlying calculations in Excel doesn't make much sense (and it seems pretty inefficient either), could you explain why you want to do such thing?

I have no clear idea of the method i have to use. I have to develop a tool, in which I have many excel sheets linked together to get the output. I thought of using shiny to make the tool interactive. Also, I'm not good at coding. That's why I thought of using excel. Is there any better way to do this?

Actually, it would be much easier to implement your tool in R than to use Excel as the backend, it could be possible to do it but it would require considerably more coding skills.
I can't give you any specific advice, since you are not giving a clear definition of your task in hand.

Thank you for the reply. My task is to develop a tool to calculate an index. There I have different dimensions to calculate the index. Each dimension have long calculations. As an example; Calculating the position in a school classroom. There we have to get the marks of many subjects (in my case dimensions) and then finally the position (Index in my case) of every student considering the total mark from all subjects. Like that.
Also, everyone should be able to use the tool. The problem is in my case I have to input many data in each dimension.

All that seems relatively simple to accomplish with R, but since you are not giving any specific information, I can't give you any specific solution.
The best I can do for you is to point you to learning resource

Thank you very much for your kind response. I will look into these :heart_eyes::relaxed:

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