Getting routed back to auth-login page on successful login

I'm struggling with an issue, and not finding any helpful hints in syslog or in Browser tools.

Basically, I have a bare bones install of RStudio Server with standard configuration. On my Macbook pro, iPad, and Android phone, I am able to connect to the instance and access the IDE without any problems.

However, on my primary development workstation (Acer Nitro 5) I am unable to login on any browser. I'm dual booting with both elementaryOS and Windows 10. This issue occurs on both operating systems.

What happens is when I enter my credentials and attempt to login, the connection is successful. I get to the grey background with spinning wheel. Then, after about 10 seconds of spinning, I get returned to the login page. No error messages appear at all.

No note of anything out of the ordinary on syslog. No errors at all when I try running this via browser console. The only notable thing I see is in the Network tab of browser tools, that the page is constantly running HTTP 302 redirects non stop.


Any ideas of how I can troubleshoot? I have not found any similar issues when Googling this problem.

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