Getting NA when calculating the mean from a dataset


I have a dataset I've cleaned the data in. No Nas. However when I try to calculate the mean from a specific column called 'Age', i get a 'NA' result. Min and Max age as well as Sd are correctly calculated.
The code I'm using is:

age_desc <- dem_data2 %>%
summarise(mean = mean(Age), na.rm = T,
sd = sd(Age), na.rm = T,
min = min(Age), na.rm = T,
max = max(Age), na.rm = T)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

To add, it returns the message 'argument is not numeric or logical: returning NA'

Hi maarkar,

I think if you close your brackets after na.rm = T you should see the results you are expecting...

age_desc <- dem_data2 %>%
    mean = mean(Age, na.rm = T),
    sd = sd(Age, na.rm = T),
    min = min(Age, na.rm = T),
    max = max(Age, na.rm = T)


Hope that works.


Thank you for the fast response. I've tried doing that and the result is pretty much the same.. I think it could be that Age is coded as a character variable? But I am not sure how to change this since i get similar results with as.numeric(dem_data2$Age)?

Thank you.

Hi maarkar

Ah ok, you're right if Age is coded as a character variable then try converting it to an integer column...

dem_data2 <- 
  dem_data2 %>% 
    col_types = cols(Age = col_integer())

Then I think you should be able to calculate you summary stats. Hope this works for you now.

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