getting labels from the dataframe not working properly

I want to get labels from the data dynamically, for example dfl2, it should fetch "All","Media","BT","Team B" etc. and same as for for dfl1 should be "All", "Media", "BT" etc. and also for dfl3.

Its perfectly working if i give banner definition like below like below
dfl1 <- c("all","vs1","am1")
labels <- names(sapply(dfl1, function(x) {df[x] %>%  val_lab()}))

but i want to give banner definition like below, it should work for below

dfl3 <- list(df$all,df$vs1,df$carb1)

df <- mtcars 

df$vs<-factor(df$vs, levels=c(1,0), labels = c("Media","Non-Media")) 
df$am<-factor(df$am, levels=c(1,0), labels = c("Local","Outsider"))
df$gear<-factor(df$gear, levels=c(3,4,5), labels = c("BT","TA","PA"))
df$carb<-factor(df$carb, levels=c(1,2,3,4,6,8), labels = c("Team A","Team B","Team C","Team D","Team E","Team F"))

df$all<- 1 
df$am1<-ifelse(df$am == 'Local', 1, NA) 
df$gear1<-ifelse(df$gear == 'BT', 1, NA)
df$carb1<-ifelse(df$carb == 'Team B', 1, NA)

expss::val_lab(df$gear1)<-c("Team B"=1)

dfl2 <- list(df$all,df$vs1,df$am1,df$gear1)

dfl1 <- list(df$all,df$vs1,df$am1)

dfl3 <- list(df$all,df$vs1,df$carb1)

listt = dfl1

d1 <- tail(sapply(df, function(x) names(val_lab(x))),length(listt))

I have tried below options but not working

d1 <- sapply(df1, function(x) names(val_lab(x)))[names(dfl1)]

lapply(dfl2,function(x) {df[x] |> var_lab()})

output should be labels from data like "All", "Media", "BT" for dfl1 and "All","Media","BT","Team B" for dfl2 etc.

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