Getting error when replicating same R code in Remote desktop system

I’m facing some problem in my in R code reproducible.

There is a line of code we are running on Virtual Machine ( VM ) which is running perfectly fine but same code when I’m trying to run on remote desktop it is not throwing me any error in subset line of code but I’m not getting an output. However, same code it is running perfectly fine in Virtual machine.

Virtual Machine & Remote Desktop connection ( 64 bit, window 10 )

R Studio IDE version : 1.2.5033

R version : 3.6.2

dplyr package version: 0.8.5

Please see the row 149 in both the attached screenshot.

In Virtual machine which is running without any error and getting the correct result what I’m looking for.

In Remote Machine when I am trying to run the same code I am not getting the same result.

Sorry R studio community I am not allowed to attach more than one pic so here i am attaching the second pic in continuation from the first post.

What is the value of today and how does it get generated? I imagine pio3 is the exact same on both computers, but today might depend on the computer settings.

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