Getting error in validateCssUnit(width) on running Shiny app script

On running my Shiny App script (app.R), I am getting the following error: Error in validateCssUnit(width) :
CSS units must be a single-element numeric or character vector. The error appears to be in the following two lines:
dblclickOpts = (id = "plot_dblclick"),
brushOpts(id="plot_brush", resetOnNew = TRUE)

The error goes away when I replace id = "plot_dblclcik" with just "plot_dblclick" without the brackets. But I cannot do the same with brushOpts as it has two arguments.

Welcome to the community @Saurish_Seksaria! Assuming these lines are used within plotOutput() or imageOutput(), does the error go away if you change them to the following:

            dblclick =  dblclickOpts(id = "plot_dblclick"),
            brush = brushOpts(id="plot_brush", resetOnNew = TRUE)

Thank you for the answer. This fixed the bug in the code.

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