Getting CronR to work

I just started an instance for Rstudio server using a google compute engine, however whenever i try to schedule tasks through CronR, nothing happens. It says that it is under scheduling but i don't get any results.

Any thoughts of what might not work here?

Several things can be wrong:

  • the cronR package has dependencies, they may not be met. Check that shiny, miniUI and shinyFiles are installed

  • if you can get the UI to open (it should look like this) click manage existing jobs and show job

  • check the printout in your console - it should look something like the one below; check that the link to Rscript executable is correct (and you have rights), that the path to your R file is correct and that there is indeed nothing in the log file
## cronR job 
## id: babišobot daily run 
## tags: 
## desc: denní běh babišobota 
50 6 * * * /usr/lib/R/bin/Rscript '/home/jindra/babisobot/main.R' >> '/home/jindra/babisobot/main.log' 2>&1
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Hi, this is what i have:

is there anyway to debug if i am using he right paths etc? I can't see why this should be wrong however :slight_smile:

Got it to work - had to activate sudo cron start in the console =) Thx for the lp

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