Getting automatic table captions for expss tables in rmarkdown

Hi there,
I have been trying to get automatic table captions for tables generated through expss package in R Markdown. I can see that kable and huxtables are giving me automatic captions but not tables generated in expss. I want to keep expss format as I like the format for html outputs.

The examples of an expss table for which I am not able to get it auto captioned:
tab_cells(country, job_title, divison)|>
tab_pivot() |>
tab_caption("Country, job-fuctions, and department of respondents")

however, if I convert this to a huxtable, I get it auto-captioned
table1<- as_hux(tabb1) |>
set_all_padding(2) |>
set_outer_padding(0) |>
set_number_format(0) |>
set_bold(row = everywhere, col = 1) |>
set_bottom_border(col = 1, row = everywhere) |>
set_width(1) |>
set_col_width(rep(c(.15, .5, .05))) |>
set_right_border(everywhere, 1, brdr(3, "double", "grey")) |>
set_left_border(everywhere, 1, brdr(3, "double", "grey")) |>
set_all_borders(brdr(0.4, "solid", "lightgrey")) |>
set_caption("Country, job-function, and department of respondents")

So, what could be the solution to still do expss tables and get them auto captioned?

You should try to include a Reproducible example so that people can jump in and help

Also try to format your code : FAQ: How to Format R Markdown Source