Getting access to dockerized Rstudio server GUI through a VPN

I am looking for guidance on how to do the following:

I am running rocker/tidyverse from machine "A", which is on a VPN.
I interact with machine A from my local linux device ("B"). B is outside the VPN and I have been using openvpn and ssh to connect to the command line on A, and from there to the docker container. A&B are linux/ubuntu boxes. Everything is up to date.

I now need to have a GUI setup, and to interact with the docker tidyverse container's Rstudio server via a browser running from "B", . Is there a guide to how to set this up?

I would welcome suggestions on where to look for the appropriate magical incantations.


This is still challenging me. I have read: R studio server, can't forward to port 8787 but still do not have a viable solution.

Again, local A -> ssh -> VPN -> B --> docker rocker/tidyverse -p 8787:8787 -it -> C
Want to get browser from A to list to C's port 8787
Port 8787 is ufw allowed on B and nmap shows 8787 active on both B and the docker container.

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