getQuote from quantmod returns error

I have used the getQuote function in quantmod several times without incident. However, today it returned an error that I do not understand.
getQuote("BAC",src = "yahoo", what = yahooQF(c("Symbol",
"52-week Low",
"52-week High",
"P/E Ratio",
"Dividend Yield",
"EPS Forward")))

The error returned is:

Error in .yahooSession(TRUE) : unable to get yahoo crumb

I have had the same issue since yesterday as well. I switched the source code to 'av' but it is limited to 5 calls per minute and 100 calls per day. Hopefully, someone has a better solution as the Yahoo source worked efficiently.

Having the same issue for the past 3 days. I noticed this was discussed in previous months, which lead to a technical solution. However, this past solution has not worked for me at this moment. I expect that the API has not been discontinued.

I'm also having the same problem. Anybody find a solution yet?

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