Get traffic flow from HERE map API using `httr`

I've seen a bunch of tutorial to get HERE map, but those are using API v6 (currently
on maintenance) while the new one, that I wanna use, is v7. So I post this anyway.

Get traffic flow data from HERE Maps API v7 based on this documentation

I'm using httr package to request the traffic flow data with the following code

# Set the API endpoint URL
url <- ""

# Set the required query parameters
in_area <- "circle:13.1,-43.1;r=10000"
location_referencing <- c("none", "shape")
min_jam_factor <- 5
max_jam_factor <- 8
functional_classes <- c(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

# Set the headers
headers <- c("apiKey" = here_api_key,
             "X-Request-Id" = "8230d7ad-3f1c-4191-a8dd-f3c42026da89")

# Construct the query string
query_string <- paste0(
  "in=", in_area,
  "&locationReferencing=", paste(location_referencing, collapse = ","),
  "&minJamFactor=", min_jam_factor,
  "&maxJamFactor=", max_jam_factor,
  "&functionalClasses=", paste(functional_classes, collapse = ",")

# Create the complete URL with query string
complete_url <- paste0(url, "?", query_string)

# Send the GET request
response <- GET(complete_url, add_headers(headers))

It return error 401

[1] "Unauthorized"

[1] "No credentials found"

It's either I write the code for the apiKey incorrectly or my API key have no access to traffic flow data.

  • I'm sure my API key is correct because I've tried to request isoline() data via hereR package like in this code up to line 33
  • I'm sure that traffic flow can be accessed using base plan API as it stated here

So what's wrong with my code?

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