GET() request has empty content while response is visible in google chrome?

Hi all,

If a response from an API request made by a website is visible on google chrome, I am thinking that I should be able to get this response in R. Is this assumption correct (in all circumstances)?

I was able to get it work for some requests but not for others.

When it fails, it happens that the response headers contain several additional rows:

  1. x-content-type-options:nosniff
  2. x-frame-options:DENY
  3. x-trace:addb07f571823673
  4. x-xss-protection:1; mode=block

Is it possible to get the content of the response in R when the response headers contain these x-... options?

So when the website does the API request, I can see the response when analyzing the console in google chrome. However, If I go the url of the URL Request or if I try to get it in R, it is empty ('{}' to be more precise)).

Any help is appreciated, I really want to understand how it is working...



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