Get "pin" from private github repository

Hi everyone,

I am trying to recieve a "pin" from the pins package. I have already successfully registered a board on github. The corresponding repository is a private github repository. I am now trying to recieve the "pin" with the following code:


board_register_github(repo = "owner/repo")

pin_get("data_meas", board = "github", cache = FALSE)

There was no issue to upload the data with the pin function.
But the last row gives me the following error message:

Error in pin_download(file_url, name, board$name, headers = headers) : 
  Client error: (404) Not Found. Failed to download remote file:

If I open the link in my browser, I can download the csv file without problems.

Does anyone know whats the problem here?

Thank you very much for your help!

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