Get Image Thumbnail from Posit Server API

Hi all!

I'm building out a fullstack application where the backend is using graphQL with the Posit Server Connect API as the data source. Basically I'm calling different endpoints to grab certain attributes that I can stuff into my graphql schema.

One of the things I would like to do is pull down the "thumbnail" (cover image for the application) for our RStudio connect applications. However, I cannot find any documented endpoints on Posit Connect Documentation Version 2024.03.0 - that cover this.

I was wondering if there is a dedicated endpoint that pulls down the image url (I don't care if it's experimental or not). I found a temporary solution by appending /__api__/applications/{guid}/image, but this feels really "hacky" and I would feel a lot better if I was getting this value from the actual server and not building it dynamically at runtime.


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