Get directory of shiny bookmark


Is there a function that returns the directory for the bookmarks that shiny is using?
That is probably a simple question but I could not find an answer for this.


You can get the current bookmark directory e.g. via the onBookmark callback:

ui <- function(request) {
    textInput("txt", "Enter text"),
    checkboxInput("caps", "Capitalize"),
server <- function(input, output, session) {
  output$out <- renderText({
    if (input$caps)
  bookmarkDir <- reactiveVal()
  output$currentbookmarkDir <- renderText(bookmarkDir())

shinyApp(ui, server, enableBookmarking = "server")

For further information please see:

I was hoping for a function that could return the bookmark directory before any bookmark is created. How is shiny-server choosing a directory? In runApp() it seems to create shiny-bookmarks directory. But in shiny-server the name seems to be the app name together with a random hash.

I should clarify the question. I have the following shiny config and would like to know the bookmark directory for the apps running on that server before a bookmark was created. I would like to copy bookmarks from someone else and put them into that directory.

run_as shiny;

server {

  listen 6860;

  location / {

    # This is that makes the /apps URL component work
    # site_dir /srv/shiny-server;
		site_dir /datashare/apps;

    # The Shiny Server logs will go to a place on your host vs in the VM
    log_dir /var/log/shiny-server;

		# bookmarks
		bookmark_state_dir /datashare/shiny_bookmarks;

		# timeouts
		app_idle_timeout 0;

    directory_index on;



Using shiny-server the directory can be configured:

Also see this related thread.

But the apps on the server will create separate directories inside that state directory.

You could use session$doBookmark() to once force the creation of the bookmark directory and read it back in using the onBookmark callback. After this delete the dummy bookmark.

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