Get copy and paste icons on RStudio toolbar?

Is there a way to add icons to the RStudio main toolbar? I sorely miss icons for copy and paste. I know that I can do CTRL-C and CTRL-V using the keyboard, but often I will use the mouse double click to select a long variable name.

If I was working in Visual Studio, while I have my hand on the mouse, I can then click on the Copy icon on the toolbar, then click where I want to paste, then click on Paste on the toolbar. I find this is faster than using the mouse to select with double click, then go back to the keyboard for CTRL-C, then back again to the mouse to click where I want to paste, and then back again to CTRL-V to paste.

I have done some searching to find if there is a way to add Copy and Paste icons to the RStudio toolbar, but I seem to be missing it. Any help appreciated!

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