German special characters

hey guys, I have a problem with using R Studio. German Special Characters can't be shown when im using R and thus with it I can't do Tutorials.
a message appears when I try to do
"Tapply arguments must have the same length"
here is my script

devtools::install_github("bheesen/datascience", force = TRUE)
##---Paket datascience aktivieren------------------------------------------
##---Tutorial zu Paket datascience starten----------------------------------
ds.tutorial(name = "ds.deskriptiv")
ds.tutorial(name = "ds.visualisierungdynamisch")
ds.tutorial(name = "ds.verteilung")

there is task in this tutorial it looks like this

head(sp3)                                        # Stichprobe 3 (sp3)
abs<-table(sp3$Geschlecht, sp3$Größe)            # Absolute Häufigkeit
rel<-100*prop.table(abs)                         # Relative Häufigkeit in %
round(100*prop.table(abs,margin=1),2)            # Relative Häufigkeit je Zeile
round(100*prop.table(abs,margin=2),2)            # Relative Häufigkeit je Spalte
addmargins(abs)                                  # Randverteilungen hinzufügen
addmargins(abs,margin=1)                         # Randv. hinzufügen für Zeilen
addmargins(abs,margin=2)                         # Randv. hinzufügen für Spalten
margin.table(abs)                                # Nur Randverteilung
margin.table(abs,1)                              # Randv. nur Zeilen
margin.table(abs,2)                              # Randv. nur 

and then these errors appear in every task

"apply commands must have the same length"
and then in my console appears

"Quitting from lines 3-11 (exercise.Rmd) "

commands like Sys.setlocales("LC_ALL" , "eng_US.UTF-8") did not help or setting the code in tools in UTF 8 did also not help. The problems remained.
I would really appreciate if you could help me with this1

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