GEOS version on


As already pointed out in this post, it seems that the current version of GEOS available on is not at the right level.
This is the error message I am getting when trying to deploy my app:

** package ‘lwgeom’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
** using staged installation
configure: CC: gcc
configure: CXX: g++ -std=gnu++11
configure: pkg-config proj exists, will use it
configure: PROJ: 4.9.2
checking for pj_init_plus in -lproj... yes
checking PROJ: epsg found and readable... yes
checking for geos-config... /usr/bin/geos-config
checking geos-config usability... yes
configure: GEOS: 3.5.1
checking GEOS version >= 3.6.0... no
configure: error: upgrade GEOS to 3.6.0 or later
ERROR: configuration failed for package ‘lwgeom’

  • removing ‘/opt/R/4.0.0/lib/R/library/lwgeom’

Is there anything I could do to by-pass this problem waiting for an update on the shiny apps side?
Thank you in advance.

Hello again,

Any advice from the community?

Exact same issue in this side. Hope we can get a solution for this.

I am having the same issue. Did any one find a work around?

I am having a similar problem with outdated PROJ and GEOS versions on My libraries will install, but the GEOS, GDAL, and PROJ versions on shinyapps (3.5.1, 2.2.2, and 4.9.2) do not match those on my local machine (3.8.0, 3.0.4, and 6.3.1). I tried installing the sf and rgdal packages from GitHub before deploying my app, but that did not resolve the issue. Following in case solutions pop up.