geom_smooth not working?

Hi all,

I have a datset, which I want to plot:

Percentage_low_income / Distance / City

50.8 /5/ Amsterdam
50.9 /10/ Amsterdam
45.5 /Municipality/ Amsterdam
53.1 /5 / Rotterdam
53.1 /10/ Rotterdam
39 /Municipality/ Rotterdam
51.6 5 The_Hague
50.1 10 The_Hague
36.7 Municipality The_Hague
48.1 5 Utrecht
48 10 Utrecht
40.5 Municipality Utrecht
50.6 5 Total
50.5 10 Total
40 Municipality Total

I want to have the Distance on the x-axis, the percentage on the y-axis and the cities as colour. But, to increase the readability of the graph I also want to include smooth lines that go through all three points per city. My code:

ggplot(data = dat, mapping = aes(x = Distance,
y = Percentage_low_income,
color = City)) +
geom_point() +
geom_smooth(method = "auto", se = FALSE)

However, it does not seem to plot the smooth lines, can anyone help me out?

Your code appears fine (with appropriate data), so the issue is with your data...
please see this FAQ on the correct way to sure your data.

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