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Good day all, I am having issues adding the boundaries alongside with the names of all the local government of Benue State, Nigeria on this map, I will really appreciate if someone can help me with the shape file of all the local Government in Benue State, Nigeria. The code can be found below:

Load Libraries


Nig <- ne_states(returnclass = 'sf', country = 'Nigeria')

Get the boundary for Benue State

Benue <- Nig %>% filter(name=='Benue')

Visualize this with ggplot2

ggplot(data = Benue)+geom_sf()

#> Support for Spatial objects (`sp`) will be deprecated in {rnaturalearth} and will be removed in a future release of the package. Please use `sf` objects with {rnaturalearth}. For example: `ne_download(returnclass = 'sf')`
#> Warning: package 'ggplot2' was built under R version 4.3.1
Nig <- ne_states(returnclass = 'sf', country = 'Nigeria')
#> [1] "sf"         "data.frame"
Nig |> 
  dplyr::filter(name=='Benue') |>
  ggplot() +


Created on 2023-10-19 with reprex v2.0.2

There doesn't appear to be any local subdivisions included.

> Nig$featurecla |> unique()
#[1] "Admin-1 states provinces lakes"

Thank you very much @technocrat please is there any way in which I can get the local sub-division for Benue to add on that map?

I have been able to get the shapefile with all the Local government from this site Spatial Data Download | DIVA-GIS. Thank you for the help @technocrat

Great. For reference, here's another potential source:

Local Government Areas, Nigeria, 2007 - Digital Maps and Geospatial Data shapefile contains local government areas for Nigeria as of January 2007, including level 2 administrative units (ADM2) for Nigeria
. You can access this dataset from Princeton University's Digital Maps and Geospatial Data website: Local Government Areas, Nigeria, 2007 - Digital Maps and Geospatial Data | Princeton University

Thanks for sharing this, I will check it out.

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