Generating correlated Likert data

I am trying to create data for my students.

I would need to create several vectors of Likert data (1 to 7), each of them should be correlated to the other with a predetermined rho, and each column should have a certain median or mean.

I tried using rtruncnorm to get bounded data, and then fabricatr::correlate, but the data I get are not bounded, so it doesn't fit my needs (since I need likert data). In fabricatr:correlate, I could use draw_likert, but it doesn't seem to accept medians/means as parameters.

I would really appreciate inputs or examples. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

like this ?

(r1 <- sort(round(rtruncnorm(n=100,a=1,b=7,mean=4,sd=2))))

r2 <- correlate(given = r1, rho = 0.8,
                                draw_count, mean = 3)

r3 <-,7),1)



fixing r2 to r3 in the way I do is crude, and does drop the correlation slightly as would be expected, but is it not close enough to work with ?

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