Generate two histograms starting from a vector (values >2.5 in a bar and values < 2.5 in the other one)

Hi! I'm very new with RStudio, I don't know how to solve this small problem, if anyone could help it would be great, thanks!

Basically I have a numeric vector with numbers between 0 and 5. I would like to get a plot showing two histagram bars; one containing all the values of the vector smaller than 2.5 and the other one containing the values bigger than 2.5.

I've tried with ggplot, but what I get every time is a plot with one bar for each number of the vector!
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

universe <- seq(0,5,.1)
v <- sample(universe,100,replace = TRUE)
hist(v[v < 2.5])

hist(v[v > 2.5])

sum(v[v == 2.5])
#> [1] 5

Created on 2023-09-11 with reprex v2.0.2


  1. Make example reproducible
  2. Create fake vector
  3. Use the fake vector to draw a sample with replacement to make sure that there is a decent chance that values will be diffent
  4. Subset the vector based on which values meet the greater than/less than test using the positions that are TRUE
  5. See if anything is left over
  6. Plot
  7. See if anything is left over

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