Generate objects from all function call arguments shortcut


I ofently want to generate objects from a given function arguments so I can debug the function executing its code line by line (Ctrl+Enter). For that I need to generate the objects that this function uses as arguments.

Let's say I have the function:

arg_generated <- generate_my_arg(...)
output <- do_something_function(
    arg1 = arg_generated,
    arg2 = 2,
    arg3 = "type"

What I do now is select the code of each argument with Ctrl+Shift+Arrow and press Ctrl+Enter so the object is generated in my environment. In the example above I would select all the arguments and its value (E.g arg1 = arg_generated) and create the object arg1, arg2, arg3 so I use them in the function script directly. Three time process in this case.

I would find usefull if I could place my cursor wherever inside the arguments declaration, press a shortcut and have all the objects created automatically into the environment. In the example, I would place my cursor for example after the first comma after the first arg, press the shortcut, and all the objects args1,args2,args3 would be created. One time process.

Is that possible?


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