Generate multiple flexdashboard (rmarkdown) filtering on quarters

I am trying to generate multiple flexdashboards in R, the outfile format is .html, I am able to generate one output at a time based on Quarters entered manually. But I was hoping if there is an easier way to do it using for loops to filter the data quarterly and then generate separate flexdashboard outputs

This is where i am manually changing the date range

title = "Q1 2019"
FromDt = "2019-01-01"
ToDt = "2019-03-31"

data_subset<- data%>% select(a,b,c,d,e)%>%
  filter(Date1 >= as.Date(FromDt) & Date1 <= as.Date(ToDt)) %>%

I am using a separate R file for rendering the dashboard.


This will create a subset of data with the first Quarter of 2019.

What I want is

FromDt = "2017-01-01"
ToDt = "2019-03-31"

Which will automatically subset the data and generate multiple flexdashboards based on each quarter.

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