Generate dataset following Benford distribution

Hey there,

I was wondering how I can generate a data set (10000 elements with 4 digits) following the benford distribution.
Are there any additional packages I need to install to get started? What does the code look like?

Thank you very much in advance!

This generates 10000 random integers up to 9999 (i.e. up to 4 digits):, 10000, replace = TRUE)

If you need exactly 4 digits, then this should work:, 10000, replace = TRUE) + 1000

This is just to get you started. To get a Benford distribution, you could impose a random maximum value, but there may well be better methods.

I don't know what is Benford's distribution. Is it the discrete distribution with the ffollowing pmf?

P(X = d) = log_{10}(1 + \frac{1}{d}), d \in {1, 2, \dots, 9}

(I'm just guessing from this)

If so, then you can do the following to generate the first digits as follows. I don't know the distributions for other positions. You can generate similarly and then use paste.

sample(x = 1:9,
       size = 10000, # required bumber of observations
       replace = TRUE,
       prob = log10(x = (1 + (1 / (1:9)))))

Hope this helps.

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