General R data Input Question

Hello Everyone,
I am new to this forum and new to R in general but I have a quick question. I am creating a R shiny dashboard for a company I work with to analyze some data that is being collected in multiple sources (i.e. online, csv etc). I have managed to learned this process easily however I am stuck on one issue.

Some of the data that is being collected is collected via a Force plate and stored/analyzed on a local software system. It is possible to simply export csv files from this software system but for the purposes of this project it is not ideal.

Is there a way that R can collect data from a software program set up locally on a computer (it is on the same computer as the R dashboard)? In my mind, this is similar to sending a request to a website and collecting the data from the webpage, is it similarly possible to collect the data from a software system automatically via R.

Thanks so much for your help! As one one who is new to R it is really appreciated!

You can run system commands using the system2() function. If you can use command line instructions to extract program data, then you should be able to implement those commands from within R and then read the resulting file.

Oh great! thanks, I will look into this and see if It works!

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