General question about prop.table function in R

Hello - I am using the following sample code to get distribution of patients with different lymph node (N stage) status in a given clinical dataset

prop.table(table(dataframe$Cohort=="A", dataframe$Nstage)) %>% *(100) %>% round(2)

I get a result which looks something like this:Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 2.35.36 PM

However, I would like my results to add up to a 100% and not divided into False and True categories. The result I am looking for should appear like this (just an example):

0    1    2   Missing
20   60   20     0

Is there a way to edit the prop.table function in order to get this result?


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Hey there, if you want to keep the same syntax, try removing the first argument in table()

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