gcalendr not authorizing; Google Calendar accessing data

Is anyone able to use gcalendr still?

I am getting an Oath client deleted error. I am still able to use googlesheets4 and googledrive to access files, and it seems like they use the same underlying gargle package, however gcalendr hasn't been updated in a couple years. Does anybody have suggestions on how to troubleshoot or another way to import calendar data for analysis?

I've partially figured our the issue. Gargle seems to be using oath credentials that have drive and sheets in the scope but not calendar. I looked in /library/caches/gargle where gargle_oath_siterep() said the tokens were, but that folder does not exist on my machine. So somehow there are tokens saved somewhere and I can't find them, and when I try to reauthenticate with a new token, only the old token is being used.

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