gbm.plot function: How can I insert a scale break in one of the plot charts

Hello, I wish I could insert a scale break in my depth chart so that I can better visualize the variation within the data. I have some very extreme points (between 1000 and 4000 m), they are not the majority but they are preventing me from properly viewing the other values, closer to zero. I'm having a hard time inserting individual changes for each chart.

Im using the dismo package.

gbm.plot(ina, n.plots= 3, y.label= "fitted function", 
         x.label= "", write.title= FALSE, common.scale= FALSE,
         cex.axis= 0.6, cex.lab= 1, ann = TRUE, las = 2,  smooth= TRUE, 
         show.contrib= FALSE, plot.layout=c(1,3))

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