Gaussian formula


I want to know the function in R for these formula.

Can you create the function ?


Hi @Vio and welcome to RStudio Community.

Is there any difference between n and N in your formula?

Hallo Gueyenono,

Yes n and N differ from each other .


You need to say what the limits of the summation are. It would also be good to show what you have tried so far.

Hallo startz,

die Formel soll angewandt werden auf Mat1
Vecmat<-seq(from=1, to=1000)
Mat1<-matrix(Vecmat, ncol = 10)

die Funktion soll divers heißen
apply(Mat1, 1, divers)

divers <- function(x){

D <- 1 - (sum_n(n-1)/(N * (N - 1)))

assuming that the Summation is only over the numerator, and that the values of n should be from 1 to a maximum of somen provided to the function, and that N is similarly a single value past into the function. then

somefunction <- function(n,N){
  1-sum((1:n)*((1:n)-1)) / (N*(N-1))

#example how it might be used

Dankeschön,. Das hat mir schon sehr geholfen!
Wie sieht die function aus , wenn sie auf Mat1 angewandt wird?

Vecmat<-seq(from=1, to=1000)
Mat1<-matrix(Vecmat, ncol = 10)

apply(Mat1, 1, somefunction)


I'm not sure why you want to apply it this way. But note that Mat1 has two dimensions and somefunction needs a second argument given in apply().

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